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Indianapolis. Монтойя после гонки


AS MESSED UP AS THE RACE WAS AT THE END HOW DID IT PLAY OUT FOR YOU GUYS? “It sucks when you run good all day but I think Jim Pohlman and all the guys did a really good job all day. We unloaded really bad and at the end we were a really competitive car.”

DOES IT PUT MORE PRESSURE ON YOU FOR WINS? “No, we have to work really good with Jim and understand each other and if the wins come, good, if they don’t they don’t you know? Right now its all about looking at the future and long term I think its pretty good.”

OVERALL HOW WOULD YOU ASSESS TODAY “It was good. We had the fastest car but when we could see the front it seemed like I could get a little more out of the car and I was pushing really hard. We tried to go longer on the lefts and that didn’t work but it’s okay.”

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  1. У Хуана все зашибись!
    Все идет по плану.
    Все нормально!
    Всё ОК!

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