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Indianapolis. Монтойя после квалификации


ON THE LAP “Our Target Chevy has been a little bit off the pace. We unloaded quite a way off from where we needed to be, so it’s been a hard two days but we’ve gained a lot. We were way off yesterday. Yesterday we did four runs and ran a .55; today I ran a .30. So we picked up seven-tenths from yesterday. I think Jim (Pohlman) as the new crew chief on the car has done a really good job on the car; and all the boys. It’s nice to see everybody working together really well.”

HAS EVERYBODY THING THAT YOU’VE DONE OVER THE PAST COUPLE OF YEARS MADE YOU VER CONFIDENT FOR TOMORROW? “No. We’ve just had really fast cars the last couple of years. This year I think we have a decent car, but it doesn’t have the speed it had last year. Last year our balance was way off and the car had speed. This year, either we didn’t get the car close or our speed wasn’t there. But I’m looking for some more improvement.”

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Всем добрый вечер!
Foma, подскажи, пожалуйста, где можно посмотреть гонку.

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