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Michigan (Brooklyn, MI). Монтойя перед уик-эндом

JPM, NO. 42 CARS 2 CHEVROLET – 13й в зачете: “Well, Michigan was one of those tracks we never seemed to have much luck at up until the last few times we’ve gone there. The guys have been working really hard to get our cars back to where we need to be so hopefully we’ve learned a few things these last 14 races and can go in there with a strong showing. Aside from that, it’s a really cool race for us this weekend because we’re running the Cars 2 paint scheme on our No. 42 Chevrolet. I had the opportunity to play a part in the Cars 2 Spanish version and now we get to run a cool paint scheme on our car through the Target program.”

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  1. Люблю эту трассу

  2. Как хорошо, что гонка уже скоро и в такое хорошее время 🙂

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