Talladega, AL. ???? ???????? ????? ????????????

Photo by Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images

ON HIS LAP: «This Target Chevy is pretty good. We always run really good here. We always have good race cars. Right now get ourselves a good pit stall for the race and then see what happens. We’ll be ok. Talladega is more about how the car is going to be in the draft and everything. We came with the same thing we had here in the spring, we ran really well. Both cars (No. 1 Jamie McMurray) ran really well. It is what it is.»

DESCRIBE WHAT A LAP LIKE THAT FEELS LIKE FOR YOU: «Oh, it takes forever, believe me. This place is the draft, there is nothing like it. This place by itself, there is nothing like it either but on the other end.»

DURING PRACTICE YESTERDAY, THERE WAS A LOT OF BEATING AND BANGING ALREADY: «I did two laps yesterday so I wasn’t part of the beating and banging yet, leaving that for the end of the race.»

YOUR THOUGHTS OR A STORY ABOUT JIM HUNTER: «Everything about him was always fun. It was always fun to be around him. He was a great guy. He was a great golf partner. We played a lot of golf together. We shared a lot of moments together. He was fun and it has been really hard for us. He moved to a better place.»

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