New Hampshire (Loudon, NH). Монтойя перед уик-эндом

JPM, № 42 ENERGIZER CHEVROLET — 16й в зачете:

«We run really well at New Hampshire. Hopefully another pole and see if we can finally close the deal. This is one of those race tracks that has been like Indy to me. We have been there all the time and have never been able to close to deal so it would be nice if we can close the deal there.

I like it because I run good there. It is just one of those places where you either run good or you run bad. When you run good, things go well and you look good. When you run bad, you run bad and that’s it. It is like Pocono. Why do we suck at Pocono? I would love to know (LAUGHS). Right now I would say it (2010 season) has been a better season, we have just been having a lot of bad luck. Been involved a lot in other people’s wrecks. You can’t control that. They wreck in front of you, they come across and hit you and you are out of the race. When you do that, you lose all those points but it is just tough racing.»

One thought on “New Hampshire (Loudon, NH). Монтойя перед уик-эндом

  1. С Днём рожденья, Монти! 🙂
    С Юбилеем!!!
    Желаю красивых обгонов и ярких побед! А также здоровья тебе и всему твоему большому семейству! 🙂

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