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Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

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ON THE QUALIFYING LAP: «It was a good lap. I didn’t make any mistakes, but at the same time it’s hard to try to get a hold of it. If you make one mistake here, you go from maybe running a 30 to running an 80. It was a good lap. So far we are good and we are pretty much where we ran yesterday. The track is supposed to be a little bit faster. We ran about the same time and I think it was a pretty decent lap. It has tons of speed and it’s nice to come here to the Glen and be competitive. It has a lot of history, this race track, Formula 1 came here years ago and stuff so it’s pretty cool.»

WHY DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR SEAT?: «I always get a little bit of bruising on my left shoulder so I am going to change the seat a little to see if it gets better. It’s not a big deal, it just bothers me.»

HOW WAS THE RACE CAR IN QUALIFYING?: «This Target Chevrolet was really good. It is a very good car and it has a lot of speed in it. It’s nice. It’s good to come to a road course and be competitive.»

DID YOU SPEND MORE TIME ON QUALIFYING OR RACE SETUP YESTERDAY?: «We did the whole first practice race setup and we thought we were really comfortable where we were on the car and then we went to qualifying setup. I think track position is good and getting a good pick for pits is pretty big.»

WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE DIRT TRACK LAST NIGHT?: «It was cool. The little mini sprints I thought were really cool. The big ones, I have seen them before and they’re real impressive, but the little ones were pretty cool.»

DO YOU THINK THE CHANGES TO THE TURNS WILL LEAD TO MORE AGGRESSIVE DRIVING?: «I think it’s good in a way that you are probably going to get less cautions and more racing so that is going to be pretty cool.»

IS THIS A TRACK THAT OWES YOU SOMETHING?: «I don’t feel like that. I just think everywhere I go, we do the best we can and try to win and see what happens.»

ON THE QUALIFYING EFFORT: «It was really good. I was surprised that the track didn’t seem that quick that early. Nobody seemed to run well that early. As the action went on, it got a little bit better that was kind of surprising. It was a good lap. It was a really clean lap. I think there was a little bit more out there, but with one lap only, you’re better off trying to get a clean lap than what Carl (Edwards) did. Carl did great, he nailed it up, got 100 percent out of the lap and it paid off. The same way, you miss the bus stop or something, it will kill you. That was a good lap.»

WAS YOUR CAR BETTER THAN IT WAS AT SONOMA?: «I think they are completely different race tracks from my point of view. We always suck in Sonoma and we run good here. If we improve it to go back to Sonoma, then great. We did a VIR (Virginia International Raceway) test and we were really competitive. We did a lot of testing and in the beginning we thought we were really bad and we made it a lot better. By the time we got to Sonoma, we still sucked. We come here, we pretty much run what we run and I don’t know exactly what we’re running, but it’s good, I guess.»

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