Pocono (Long Pond, PA). JPM ???? ???????? ????? ????????????


HOW WAS YOUR LAP? «It was a good lap. I got up to speed really well. I seem to get on the gas; really important, the straights are really important here. I got on the gas good but I wasn’t sure I rolled that good through the corners. But the amount of time you can spend wide open here makes a big difference. It’s great. Last week was a rough week for the team but to rebound at a place where we don’t run that well, it good. It’s nice.»

YOU JUST SAID, WOW! TELL US ABOUT YOUR LAP «I didn’t know it was going to be like this. I carried a lot of speed at the corners and everything but I don’t know. I thought, I don’t know if this is good enough for some reason. This Target Chevy has been so strong and it’s just nice. It’s nice to have a run like that.»

SO WHAT WILL YOU WORK ON DURING PRACTICE TOMORROW? «We have a little bit different approach. Our race pace, apart from Indy, hasn’t been that great. We’re trying to do a little bit different stuff and understand what the car needs.»

WHAT WOULD IT BE FOR YOU TO START ON THE FRONT ROW? «I think it would be huge. I think track position is huge. This track and Indy; the same way. So, I’m pretty happy. We have a little bit different approach than what we’ve been doing on the car. I know at Indy we ran really good but for some reason we always run good there. This Target Chevy has been amazing. I want to thank all the guys. I know the No. 1 (Jamie McMurray) won last week but everybody on the No. 42 has done a really good job. Last week we really had it covered all day and just one little mistake, but you know I always tell them, we win together we lose together so it’s good.»

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