Michigan (Brooklyn, MI). ??????? ????? ????????????

JPM, ?42 Target Chevrolet, ???????? 10?:

ON HIS LAP «Well I thought it was pretty good. In Turns 3 and 4 off the corner it was just too tight. It just sucks because normally when you get a late draw here, it helps. And with that rain, anybody that ran early gained. We just ran what we ran in practice. And that’s probably harder than practice, so that’s pretty good.»

WELL WE CAN’T FIRE THE DRAW GUY «Well, it’s just what the year has been, you know? This Target car is incredible. I want to thank everybody. Our Chevrolet motors are running incredible every week. It’s just nice to have a good race car. We just need a little bit of Lady Luck on our side.»

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