Fontana, CA. Montoya — Friday media visit

JUAN PABLO MONTOYA, NO. 42 TARGET IMPALA met with members of the media at Auto Club Speedway and discussed the Daytona 500, fatherhood, racing at Auto Club Speedway and other topics. Full transcript:

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT COMING OUT OF DAYTONA AND RACING AT AUTO CLUB SPEEDWAY THIS WEEKEND? I think the run for our team was great. For Jamie (McMurray) to win that race was huge. For the team it was a really big success. For my part, we had a really good day as well. We had a quiet day. Of course we wanted to finish higher, but to come out of there with 10th place with a car with no scratches on it, its actually surprising. Were very pleased.

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT THE TEAMWORK AT EARNHARDT-GANASSI RACING AND HOW IT COMPARES TO YOUR TIME AT MCLAREN? I dont think theres anything to compare. The cars are built the same way and everything is the same. Very different from Formula 1, you share notes and you share car setups and you talk about what the car is doing. We text a lot, do a lot of texting with Jamie (McMurray) and what he has done, talk a lot about what the car is going. What he tried and what we did. We have a lot of team meetings together. At the end of last year, the one car was running really well. We need to make sure the one car runs well all year as well here. Its going to be interesting to see what happens. We think weve got decent cars and at the end of last year we had really good cars. That doesnt mean this year is going to be good. Its kind of, wait and see in the next few weeks where you are and go from there. I think Daytona really doesnt reflect how good or how bad your car is. Daytona reflects how good of a drafting job you did and how many partners you had on the last two laps.

WHY DID YOU GET INVOLVED WITH TWITTER? WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED AND WHAT HAS THE EXPERIENCE BEEN LIKE?: Its funny because a lot of people have no idea who I am or how I am and a lot of people wanted to know maybe a little bit more about me. It doesnt take any of my time, it takes probably five minutes when I do it and you just do it. You share with them cool things that you see and when youre pissed off you tell them that youre pissed off. Its funny to read some of the response and things. I think its a cool way to get people that follow you and want you to do well to get a little more involved with you. Did I have a purpose when I did it? No, they opened the thing for me and they said this is what were doing. We started in July with like 2,000 people or something and we have over 100,000 people now. I cant complain.

HAVE YOU NOTICED ANY TEAM ORDER PHILOSOPHY SINCE YOU HAVE BEEN IN NASCAR? Ive never seen that here. Honestly, Ive never seen team orders. I think you have people willing to help more than a team order. Ill be honest; Ive never seen here somebody saying that you have to lift so somebody else can win to get more points. Here, if you want to win you definitely have to be the best and its pretty cool, I think its great. I know you guys have talked a lot about Daytona this week and everything, but Ill tell you something, with the way that race ended with the green-white-checkered — it was pretty cool. Its funny because I think the guy that crossed the line at the end of that first green-white-checkered had to be so frustrated thinking, This is not over, that should have been mine. It wasnt so I think for the fans and for everybody that watched that race, it was a cool race.

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES OF THE STOCK CAR VERSUS THE OPEN-WHEEL CARS? Theres a lot more to it. People are not really involved in the sport and especially follow motorsports in different areas, they follow Indycars or they follow Formula 1 and they see this and say, Oh my god, theres no technology in it. But if you really know and go behind the scenes to see how much work is done. How much simulations are done, how much seven-post rig and wind tunnel — how much of these things are done to make the car competitive, its incredible, its insane how you can make the car lighter, lower the center of gravity, make it stiffer. Theres so many things you can work on to make these cars more competitive and I think our team has been doing a really good job at that and making our cars better. Thats why we have been so much more competitive.

HOW HAS YOUR ROUTINE CHANGED SINCE THE ADDITION OF CHILDREN TO YOUR FAMILY? I think its been great, for me, its been great. We loved it from day one and always knew that we wanted to have kids and we did. Even in F1 when theyre not that much welcome, it is what it was and we still wanted them and we have them. Something, my everyday life, we wake up early and take them to school and then my wife picks them up. Play with them in the afternoon, if Im in the warehouse then I take them to the warehouse and theyll play around while Im building things. Its fun. Its a lot of fun, we go go-karting together, we do a lot of things together. Its always pretty cool.

IS IT IMPORTANT TO HAVE YOUR FAMILY WITH YOU WHEN YOU TRAVEL? Not really, they have their own life. Do I want to spend as much time as possible with them? Yeah, but my older kid is in school now and he cant skip school. Before it was easy, before you didnt care and when they were in kindergarten you just get them out of school and go. Now theyre in public school and you cant. Sometimes they come on Friday nights and stuff, but it is what it is and I dont think about it.

IS RESTRICTOR PLATE RACING JUST SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO SURVIVE DURING THE SEASON? Yeah. There are three before the Chase and one in the Chase. You get more out of surviving then trying to win it. You still want to win Daytona, you still want to win the race and when you have a good chance then youre going to go at it like any other week. When you dont have a great car, its probably the best chance of winning a race you have. Its always interesting and its fun because weve always been running up front and we always find ways to get to the front and push people and stuff. Our car has been really good at it so I cant really complain.

DID JAMIE MCMURRAYS WIN PUSH YOU TO WANT TO GET A WIN QUICKLY? I think its good for the team. I think that victory, the whole team has been working really hard for it. Jamie got a huge win in the 500 for the one car — it was more necessary. If you said a team that had to win, either the one car or the 42 car, I think it was more important. Of course I want to win, but as the sponsors and everything, I think it was better that the one car won. Getting that win for Chevy and everybody involved in the program, its huge.

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