Martinsville, VA. Montoya — ???? ???????? ????? ?????

Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images
Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images


LOOKED LIKE A LOT OF FUN OUT THERE, YOU JUST DIDN’T HAVE QUITE ENOUGH THERE AT THE END. «No we didn’t. We lost our balance there a little bit there right before the long run. We got it a little bit back but not all back. Everybody on this Target car keeps doing a great job and its fun to watch.»

HOW DIFFICULT IS IT TO BE PATIENT AT A TRACK LIKE MARTINSVILLE? «Oh, it’s not as hard as you think. You race. And if somebody races hard, you’re going to race hard. Here is a place you don’t want to wreck anybody because payback is really bad here, but people have got to respect you. We did what we had to and everybody on this Target team keeps doing an amazing job every week. Last week we had a bad race but we had a fast car again, and it’s great.

HOW WERE YOUR BRAKES AT THE END OF THE RUN? «The brakes are not bad. When I was trying to lead again from the No. 48 (Jimmie Johnson) I was really aggressive on the car and I killed the brakes a little bit. On a long run it was really hard but I’ll bet you it was really hard on everybody. We have good brakes. Just overall, the car was pretty good.»

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