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Daytona. Пара цитат…

ХПМ: “It feels like a more complete team than it did before. Everything is going in the right direction. Being involved with the Earnhardt name in NASCAR is huge. Being with Chevy is very exciting. Everything is getting in the right place. It’s just a matter of time before everything comes to life.”

Montoya, who has driven Dodges in the past at Ganassi, said there shouldn’t be too much of a transition left once the season starts because the teams have been working together since the merger was announced in November.

ХПМ: “By now, people are more settled and understand their jobs. This isn’t something that happened yesterday. This has been going on for a couple of months.”

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While the DEI workers might see a difference in leadership, Montoya says he sees a difference in the Chevrolet engine and with the technical ability of the Earnhardt people.

ХПМ: “Linking all the information we got from DEI is going to be huge. I’m really pumped up. We went and tested in Atlanta for a tire test, and I felt really good. The car felt better than it did in the race. We learned a little bit more. From that point of view, it looks pretty damn good.”

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