Kansas City. The Highs and Lows in Kansas City

What an up and down weekend this was! The car was really good but the way things had been, we only wanted a solid top 15 lap to get a good starting spot for Sunday.

When it was our turn to qualify, everything came together. The car was good and Juan drove the perfect lap. The speed was good enough to put us on the Pole Position! It was something that Brian and all of the guys have been working very hard to achieve and it was a big accomplishment for our organization because we have been struggling lately a bit. Then there was inspection. Usually there is nothing to worry about because it is a routine thing. Before the cars even hit the track there is an ultra thorough inspection of safety and components of the car. We were working on the car after qualifying getting it changed over to race trim getting many congratulation phone calls and compliments from other teams when we heard the bad news. After inspection of the rear shocks it was determined that the gas pressure in one of them was too high and our qualifying time was disallowed! We would have to start at the rear! We thought it was a joke at first. Then it was total disbelief when we found out it was true. If it was something we were trying to get by the officials, you would expect the consequences but it was nothing of that sort. There is so much preparation and work that goes into these cars and it was simply something that got overlooked. For what little advantage the pressure was (if any at all) there are numerous other legal measures we could have taken to do the same thing if needed. But the officials did not see it that way and we were penalized.

When the race started we were of course in the rear. It was a very up and down day like our races have been lately. Juan took off toward the front and gained a lot of positions. We made a couple green-flag stops and the crew did a good job gaining precious time there. The middle part of the race was stressful. The car was not doing what Juan liked. He got angry, I got angry, but we all finally buckled down and got some things figured out and Juan rallied to a top-20 finish.

So many things happened this weekend it was crazy. Now it is off to one of the most intense races of the year at Talladega. It is very fun if you run good or your worst nightmare if you run badly!

Hope everyone has a good week and I will talk to you after Talladega!


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