Tab Boyd. Мичиган II

The one thing that was good about this visit to Michigan was the weather. It was one of the best weekends you could wish for. Last time we were at this track we did not run very well at all. So we were looking for a better weekend this time. Practice was normal, making changes and things, but really making an effort for qualifying was the order for the day. Like I said last week, we had the car in full qualifying trim. We were third in practice and when qualifying came it was once again middle of the pack. We were very disappointed. The guys put in a tremendous effort at the shop and the track to get a good qualifying result. I don’t know what it is.

When the race came it was more of the same. The car would run good for a bit then fall off for a bit. The one thing that I did notice is that the restarts were more intense this week than they had been in a while. People were really pressuring one another. It was a long day but the result was much better than our previous finish earlier in the year with a 25th-place finish.

It is off to Bristol this week for my favorite race of the year. I hope we can get a good result, the 42 team has been working really hard and long hours to prepare the cars so it is sure not from lack of effort. Talk to you after Bristol.


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