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When we arrived at the race track in Watkins Glen, New York on Friday morning the ground was wet from rain. The forecast did not look good for the day but everyone on the team wanted to get in some practice and qualify the car. We made a big effort at the shop earlier in the week to put the car in ultimate qualifying trim. It takes a lot of time to do this and even takes more time to switch it back over at the track after qualifying is over. The object is to remove ALL unnecessary weight from the car, cooling hoses, fans, oil coolers, driver A/C, everything possible, so you can redistribute the weight by adding ballast in more desirable locations. The car only needs to go two laps at a time in qualifying so we were going for the pole position. More rains came and the plan was foiled, we were to start by points and we knew we would have a tough day ahead of us on Sunday.

On Saturday, we got the full one hour and 45 minutes of practice separated into two sessions. The car was pretty good and we started preparing for the race.

When the race started Juan wasted no time moving through the field. In no time he had made it from 25th position all the way up to 15th. Road course races are always full of crazy pit strategy. Sometimes you pit under green then sometimes you wait for cautions. There is no threat of going a lap down under green-flag stops, so you may wait through a caution then pit a couple laps after the green waves to get out of the traffic to run fast laps. One segment almost reminded me of a Formula 1 race. We were running in the top 10 in traffic then many of the others around us pitted. Although we were on low fuel, we still had plenty to make five to eight more laps. Juan made some amazing laps while he was in open track so Brian let him run a few more laps. After we pitted he had made a lot of ground and passed quite a few guys by making good time on the track.

In the final stages Juan was running fourth and although he was faster than a couple of the others in front, he decided not to force the issue. It was a smart move. We really needed a good run after the last couple of weeks. The car was very strong and he passed cars all day long. To go from 25th to fourth was very good. The car did not have a scratch on it. It was a good day.

Now we are off to Michiganthe car is in the same qualifying trim as Watkins Glen .hopefully it dosnt rain! Talk to you after Michigan!


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