Jimmie Elledge: «?????? ? ????? ???????, ??? ?? ????? ?? ??????»

Meets the practices at Lowe’s Motor Speedway are known declarations of the new team leader Jimmy Elledge on with the tight schedule of Nascar does not know and had allowed them to enter the field about to put on the car No. 42

Jimmie Elledge: «The agenda was very tight, and we had many questions in Richmond, without time to answer them, and simply fail. We did not have a car good for him.»

«The past two days have been the first time we have had the opportunity to work together and train together. Different pilots respond to various factors, and one is somehow predisposed to work hard time with a pilot. So it was good to make changes and understand what works for you John. I understand better now what he seeks in a car.»

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