Phoenix, AZ. Наши парни после квалификации

“I thought that we were a lot better in practice. I made a mistake on the second lap otherwise it would have been faster. I got a little wide in Turns 1 and 2 when I was staring into the sun, but that happens here. I like how our Big Red Gum Dodge came off the hauler in practice and qualifying, so we take a good look at our combination in practice tomorrow and try and make it faster for Saturday night.”

REED SORENSON: “We’ll be OK. Our Target Dodge is real good in race trim, we just didn’t qualify well. We started out in race trim for the first 30 minutes of practice and we we’re really good. I’m looking forward to tomorrow to get back out there and get laps in under some more qualifying trim and try to dial it in for the race on Saturday night.”

УвеличитьDARIO FRANCHITTI: “After last week it feels really good. The guys on the 40 team did a great job all week. It was a pretty bad week for us not getting in the show last weekend. Everybody pulled together and the whole organization did an amazing job. That’s what teams are all about and we’re in the show so I’m pretty happy about that. We’re all in this together. Last week was a tough one as I said but everyone on the team pulled in one direction and that’s what we need. This year is going to be difficult, a learning year. I’m really proud of my guys today. It was good to get the Juicy Fruit car in the show.”

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